Rosan Ukrainian-Canadian Joint Venture was founded on November 5th, 1992 as a basic structure of MEEST Corporation in Ukraine. The main guidelines for action include shipment of international mail items from Canada, USA, Australia and Europe with their further delivery to Addressees, handing over mail items in Ukraine with the purpose of their further delivery to any part of the world. Particular sphere of activity is on-line and catalogue trade wherein the Company renders comprehensive services to its customers. Setting its choice on postal services as the basis of its activities, Rosan JV  has promptly become the leader in the Ukrainian postal service market.

Delivery of more than 1,000,000 of mail items per year from different parts of the world is the sustained annual norm for Rosan JV. The international mail goes through Rosan JV own Points of International Postal Exchange in Westerburg (Germany) and Lviv (Ukraine). All categories of mail items are submitted to customs clearance, sorted and sent to Rosan JV branches located in every regional center of Ukraine. Couriers of our Company directly deliver mail items personally to recipients throughout Ukraine. Our Company constantly develops its infrastructure and improves working procedure, thats whyRosan JV courier service occupies confidently the leading position in the relevant service market of Ukraine.
Nowadays Rosan JV has established a network of Mail Box agency centers in all regional cities of Ukraine providing customers with a convenient opportunity to send or to receive mail items, to purchase all types of tickets, or to make a catalogue order.

Functioning of Rosan JV meets all requirements of the Universal Postal Union. Also our Company has all permits and licenses necessary for providing an all-inclusive service to its customers:
- Mai items - License Series AV No.303542 dated March 23, 2007, issued by the National Commission for Communications Regulation of Ukraine;
- Mail order License Series AV No.466323 dated July 23, 2009, issued by the National Commission for Communications Regulation of Ukraine.

Trying to keep pace with time as and technology progress accompanying it, Rosan JV has practical knowledge of what is a quick and cheap delivery of catalogue parcels from any online-shop in the world, ensures promptly return of COD amounts and renders these services to its customers in Ukraine


In this modern dynamic world Rosan JV aims at ensuring better, faster, cheaper, more reliable and more saving, as far as possible, mail items delivery service. All our employees realize that work of everybody reduces distances between business partners, friends and relatives, thats why in their daily work they follow the principles stated below:
- Attention to customers needs
- Handling with care while processing each mail item
- Economy in attitude towards customers time and money

In its daily activities Rosan JV always remembers about the importance of two rules for any business: do not harm, and help, if you are able to do it.
So in our case, the first rule is reflected in applying energy-saving technologies in production and using brand new transport in order to minimize harmful emissions into environment.
While, the second rule inspires us for charity and sponsorship towards support of poor children, gifted sportsmen and sponsoring cultural events.


Director General
Myroslav Tabachyn

Financial Director
Iryna Gadyak

Vasyl Zhuravel

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